An all-in-one solution for an omni-channel customer experience

Save up to 70% of your time!

New consumer behaviors involve interactions with brands through multiple touch points, both traditional and digital. For a quality customer experience, no company can do without a multi-channel platform where all touch points can be managed at the same time.
Ellysse - Contatta - Soluzione all-in-one per contact center
WebRTC-call, visual IVR, “live chat on web”, Telegram, Skype, Facebook Messenger, emails, call me back, voice.
Channel hopping has never been easier!

A single one-stop omni-channel solution where customers will not waste their time and will be received in the same way on any channel.

Why is an omni-channel approach so important for a company?

Technology is embedded everywhere, in an interplay of items, people and services: this is the new world we live in, a more and more social, mobile and omni-channel world. A word of “interconnected” users where technology and increasingly sophisticated devices help shape our daily habits, impacting not only on our basic needs, but also on consumer behaviors and consumer-brand interactions.

The customer experience is now the fulcrum a company’s strategies turn around, from an omni-channel perspective.
The omni-channel approach is about the integration and synergy of multiple physical and digital channels into one single platform so that they can seamlessly managed, all at the same time.

What’s the purpose of all this? Treating your customer to a unique, best-in-class experience with a customer-driven approach.

The solution: an integrated ecosystem that increases customer engagement and has a favorable impact on customer satisfaction.

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