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Clienti Ellysse - ACI Automobile Club d'Italia
Clienti Ellysse - Alpitour
Clienti Ellysse - ASL CN1
Clienti Ellysse - BPER Banca
Clienti Ellysse - BRT Corrierie Espresso
Clienti Ellysse - Carefour
Clienti Ellysse - COOP Alleanza 3.0
Clienti Ellysse - Liquigas
Clienti Ellysse - Provincia di Padova
Clienti Ellysse - Reale Mutua
Clienti Ellysse - Regione Veneto
Clienti Ellysse - Sara Assicurazioni
Clienti Ellysse - TNT
Clienti Ellysse - UBI Banca
Ellysse Referenze - ADP
Ellysse Referenze - ULSS 9 Treviso
Ellysse Referenze - Gruppo Sapio
Ellysse Referenze - BancoPosta
Ellysse Referenze - Number 1 Logistic Group
Ellysse Referenze - Mondadori
Ellysse Referenze - Le Soluzioni
Ellysse Referenze - L'Erbolario
Ellysse Referenze - InfoCamere
Ellysse Referenze - Gruppo L'Automobile
Ellysse Referenze - CarServer
Ellysse Referenze - Banca Popolare Pugliese
Ellysse Referenze - Banca Passsadore & C
Ellysse Referenze - AT
Ellysse Referenze - Webhelp

What they say about us

Ellysse’s solution added value to our Cisco system, upgrading our customer care service and meeting all of our special requirements.

Gabriele – IT Solutions
Ellisse Clienti - Giorgini Dr Martino
Cloud Contact is perfectly in tune with our needs and it also integrates some extra features that at first we had not considered. A 360-degree, flexible and dynamic solution that we are completely pleased with!

Valentina – Responsabile soluzioni IT
Ellisse Clienti - Ethos Improve
With Contact, now our IT helpdesk team has all it takes to efficiently handle the users’ calls. Cutting-edge products that reflect new market trends, a helpful and considerate staff, a fast and competent after-sales service: these are the strengths that Ellysse has been providing us with for over 10 years.

Tony – Responsabile Tecnologico
Ellysse Referenze - Engineering
For over 12 years, Ellysse’s Contact solution has been supporting us and evolving at one pace with our business. With the “on-call” feature, we can automatically and efficiently handle the local emergency services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as well as our more traditional customer services.

Enrico – IT Manager
Ellysse Referenze - Ciip

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