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WebRTC-calls: Just a click to make a call!

A tool that brings the supply and demand sides closer to each other and assists users in their searches and contacts with customer services on the website, using browser-to-browser communication channels at no cost, without having to install any widget or plugin.
WebRTC - Software call center con instant messaging

Try it for yourself!

Click on the button on the side to start a conversation with one of our experts through a WebRTC call.
Ellysse - Software call center omnicanale con instant messaging
Ellysse - Strumenti gestione call center canali digitali

Call me back: book a callback

With ‘Call Me Back’ on a website or IVR, you can ask to be called back straight from the customer service, setting the date, time and telephone number on which you want to be called back.

An efficient tool that will save you time and, most importantly, the caller will have abetter perception of the quality of the service

Visual IVR: a mobile app with visual and traditional IVR

Designed for those of you technophiles who are always on the move, this app will put customer services at your fingertips and will let you interact with call centers right on the app you have installed on your smartphone or tablet.

A multiple-choice dialog box allows users to make effective, considered choices, so their enquiries will be successfully attended to without delay.
Tecnologie di contact center multicanale

The pros:

  • Interaction with the IVR Tree through a multiple-choice dialog box
  • No time wasted on hold on the phone
  • Quick, easy browsing
  • Option to book a callback or wait in a queue
  • Customized “call me back”
  • Convenient and user-friendly

Expand your customer experience!!!

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