Intelligent Conversational Channels

Let’s get back to the point…
… or should I say let’s get back to the 5 points about “Contact”

Contact is a ‘contact center’ software solution that cleverly meets
any requirement in the area of customer service.

A user-driven approach is what Ellysse’s offering stands out for, in the name of multichannel versatility, where interactions are established through multiple touch points, increasing customer engagement for a smart customer experience.

Technology to support users
in their daily life

Ellysse - Tecnologie per una Customer Experience di qualità

Flexible and scalable by implementing modules on a case-by-case basis, as the business changes

ACD (Automatic Contact Distributor): smart distribution of inbound contacts
IVR (Interactive Voice Response): automatic calls and conversations through DTMF signaling
Reporting: final statistic reports on the work done by the contact center
Real-time monitor: real-time monitoring of the work done by the contact center
Outbound: automatic dialing of outbound calls
Inbound: optimal management of inbound calls
Email: central email management
Call me back: to book a callback by setting a date, time and telephone number
Chat and instant messaging: live chat conversations on the website, Telegram, Facebook Messenger or Skype
WebRTC-call: to call a customer service by pushing WebRTC
Multi-business: management of multiple places/branches on one single integrated platform
Customer satisfaction: where customers give a “mark” to rate the service provided by the customer service
Recording: to record calls going on on the PBX
Redundancy: high local reliability and geographic disaster recovery system
Visual IVR: multiple-choice dialog box on an app
Social networks: optimum management of posts on social networks

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