Chatbots and Voicebots now within everyone’s reach!

Automatic assistance from virtual conversational agents!

Answering easy or complicated questions, virtual agents can understand the user’s intent and start a human-like conversation.
Elllysse - Assistenza clienti automatizzata
Virtual conversational agents provide automatic instant assistance, with the constant support of real operators who can step in at any time and seamlessly direct the conversation through the same channel.
It is primary constantly updated with new contents, so it can offer a contextualized, customized and satisfactory customer experience.

is integrated

with Dialogflow, Google Machine Learning and Google Speech.
Ellysse - Software call center con instant messaging
Ellysse - Chatbot customer service
Try our virtual conversational agents!
The Chatbot/Voicebot will decipher a text and/or voice and will automatically answer. If the answer cannot be found in the database, then the operator steps in and the self-learning Bot adds it to the system, so it will be available next time. Start our “live chat” and see how it works.

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