BlogNewsWhat is Machine Learning and how does it work?

23 July 2020by Ellysse

What is ML and how does it work? We hear about it more and more frequently and we now know that these are automatic learning algorithms useful for solving specific tasks thanks to the identification of recurring patterns in a large amount of data. An ML system learns from the experience provided to be able to automatically process predictions on new data.

With ML techniques, for example, you can automatically identify the polarity of a sentence, making it possible to sentiment analysis of millions of social posts in a short time.

ML is an Artificial Intelligence technique, which we must know when we talk about Natural Language Processing, or automatic processing of natural language. In fact, even a virtual assistant needs to be trained, to accumulate experience to be able to conduct domain-specific conversations and to be able, in its way, to understand our language!

Below is a short video of Il Sole 24ore which clearly explains some fundamental aspects of ML

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