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6 March 2020by Ellysse

The current health emergency has revolutionized the working activity of many, invited not to go to the office by opting for smart working. Many ICT technologies and solutions are fundamental for continuing to carry out normal activities and represent a great resource for ensuring remote business continuity. In our field, surely WebRTC, an open source protocol that accepts real-time audio / video communications via a browser, is a key element that allows you to have secure and solid communications that favor and improve customer relationships.

So what are the main benefits that WebRTC can bring to the company?

The WebRTC is an optimal choice in several technical and practical aspects: functions selected in the main browsers, in this way there is no need to download software or plug-ins. Not only that, secure and encrypted communication is the ideal appointment for video conferencing, remote assistance and business training, as well as allowing professionals to meet their partners / customers from the comfort of their homes and offices. Today customers can choose different digital communication channels including live chat, instant messaging, call me back in addition to the traditional phone call or email. The operator who replies, using the dashboard management, manages with the only browser and manages and answers on each channel, telephone or otherwise, requested from where it is located.

This omnipresent communication has allowed us to receive increasingly instantaneous communications, providing call center agents to take charge of user requests even in smartworking exactly as if they were in the workplace. Thus multichannel communications are even more fluid, thanks to their being “just a click away”. The customer experience is also simpler, more personalized and more successful.

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