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Messaging apps are taking the lion’s share of business interactions, leaving traditional conversational channels behind.

3,750,000 million a month: the number of people who use the most common messaging apps to communicate.
2 billion a month: the number of messages exchanged between users and companies.

With our Contact solution, now you can interact with the customer service using the apps you are most familiar with!
Ellysse - Assistenti virtuali integrati con call center
Messages sent through Telegram, Skype and FB Messenger will be handled by agents through the same GUI interface you can find in “Contact”, with which they manage calls, emails and any other integrated client-side channels. You will only have to start a conversation with the avatar of the customer service, and answers will flock in.
Implementing messaging features in customer experience-driven systems has its own advantages. What are they?
  • Instant, quick, easy contacts
  • Free access from your mobile device
  • Saves time
  • Easier channel hopping
  • You are free to choose the channel you want to interact with

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