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A set of technological solutions that respond to different requirements but share the same goal: integrating tools that support your company’s daily business so that you can handle all the information flows that run inside and outside of your company in an orderly, coordinated manner.

Features and specifications:

  • Operator station: a multipurpose bar designed to optimize the switchboard operator’s work and handle all calls in an orderly manner
  • Proof of charge: monitoring and analysis of call volumes, management of price lists, statistics and reports
  • Phone Book: integrated management of all business contacts
  • Call recorder: “on demand” or “always on” recording, encryption and playback
  • Speed dial: the number you dial is associated with an actual telephone number, so you can make instant calls
  • Multicast: to send public announcements, emergency alerts or standard messages
  • Telephone Lock: the company’s phones can be locked to avoid misuse or unauthorized access
  • IVR: inbound calls are automatically taken and put through after selecting a DTMF signal
  • Boss/Secretary: to view the status of a telephone and attendance, for greater cooperation between workgroups
  • Voicemail: an answering machine and message center

Two tutorials on the “synchronous operator station” are available

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