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25 February 2020by Ellysse

Did you know that in the process of creating a Chatbot, one aspect not to be overlooked is its psychological aspect? Well yes, its design can be more complex and require different skills than those necessary for the application of an application. Whether they have to interact through text messages or instead react to voice commands, anyone who wants to seriously try their hand at Chatbot development will also have to try their hand at the art of conversation.

Chatbots are created to solve doubts and answer a question and do it in the most natural way possible: by conversing. Thus the need arises to make the bot speak in the most “human” way possible. A nice paradox! This need arises from the “metallic” interaction with the Chatbot arouses annoyance and irritation in the user who does not feel listened to. So you can risk losing the purpose you want to achieve. For this reason it is essential to hire a good Botrainer who, in addition to programming the Chatbot, knows how to manage the ambiguity of human language and in the appropriate direction. In other words, the Botrainer is a professional figure who brings together the figure of the copywriter and programmer. In fact, he is not only a good programmer, on the contrary, his most resides in his language skills and in his skills in terms of brand personality. Once he has accompanied the company to the discovery of his self, he makes you adhere to the character of Chatbot. Let’s say you are friendly, ironic and energetic, your chatbot must observe exactly the same traits. How? With the right copy and, therefore, with the right tone of voice.

Having said that, what ingredient is missing for a “truly human” Chatbot? All means of communication that express voice: non-verbal and paraverbal communication. With written communication it’s all more complicated, imagine having to explicitly express skepticism at the chatbot, raising an eyebrow or hesitating with your voice would be much simpler, but how can you satisfy the request when having to do it is a chatbot? Here a good Botrainer intervenes who with the right words, the syntactic forms, the right rhythm, the right pauses, and using punctuation as a real communicative tool, works to reconstruct that voice in the Chatbot seems to be missing.

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