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10 March 2020by Ellysse

Among the 10 professional figures with the highest growth rate, the Courier includes the Artificial Intelligence specialist which includes Machine learning, Artificial intelligence and Neural Networks among its skills. This AI specialist seems to have a lot in common with the Botrainer!


Implementing your customer service with a Chatbot entails a series of significant advantages in terms of customer experience, for example the assistance that the user receives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at any time of the year. To do this, however, it is necessary that the bot is trained to the best and for this the help of a valid Botrainer is essential. The Botrainer is a professional figure expert in computational linguistics and Machine learning whose duties concern the creation and implementation of Chatbot and the maintenance and evolutionary training of the same.


Entering the heart:

a company may wish to integrate its services with a virtual assistant and for this reason contact a Botrainer. The customer will therefore be supported in choosing the most suitable semantic engine and will be supported in the construction of conversational flows. The Botrainer will also follow the entire configuration process, from the study of the domain of competence to implementation.

Even after its launch, a bot needs constant updating and refinement work (to use technical terms, maintenance and evolutionary training). Again we need a Botrainer! He will be able to deal with monitoring and maintenance and evolutionary interventions periodically. Alternatively or complementarily, it may offer training and mentoring services for company staff to ensure self-service management.

We have seen the Botrainer’s “creative” phase so far, but his work does not end with this phase. In fact, it can also be useful to those who already have a bot but are not satisfied with its performance or detect malfunctions such as misunderstanding requests. This bug is attributable to various factors, including an inaccurate training set; in this case the Botrainer will analyze the bot carefully, through a complete diagnosis of the training set, of the semantic engine used and of the performance measurement, with the aim of improving in all respects the quality of the interaction and the state of health of the virtual assistant.

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