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18 July 2019by Ellysse

Healthcare is one of the fields in which chatbots are making headway, reserving a prominent place in patient care, managing requests and appointments for medical exams.

The patient doesn’t have to go on site to book an appointment or waiting in queue for an available operator, but via chatbot on the reference site or via the Instant Messaging app, he can handle every request simply. The chatbot will therefore works as a “receptionist” available on any day of the week at any time.

The interaction takes a few minutes and based on the needs of the patient. The chatbot identifies and proposes different availabilities, by consulting different calendars related to affiliated structures spread in the territory, in order to satisfy every request. Additional features, such as providing contact information or emergency numbers, sending messages as appointment reminders, make the chatbot even more expert and competent in responding to different types of requests, improving the service provided and the patient’s experience. The resulting advantage can be found in the fast managing simple requests for private clinics, hospitals or outpatient clinics, helping the workload of the front-office staff.

Ellysse’s Bot offer includes virtual assistants in the Chat or Voice version, interacting and helping patients through text messages or voice messages thanks to the integration with AI and natural language (NLP).

The speed and convenience managing the scheduling of appointments and contact informations, makes the chatbot a must-have in healthcare customer support.

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