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2 March 2020by Ellysse

Ellysse accelerates multichannel and integrates Alexa into the contact center to create virtual assistants and expand the customer’s customer experience.

According to a Juniper Research study, “8 billion digital voice assistants will be in use by 2023.” The data are clear, Smart Speakers are destined to be big protagonists of technological trends between now and the next few years. Smart speaker, literally “smart speaker”, means a wireless device capable of managing conversations, offering support or executing commands; via WiFi or Bluetooth connection, it can also become a real home automation system center.

Why does the analyst Juniper house envision this significant increase in the use of Smart Speaker?

More and more consumers are choosing to satisfy their requests by preferring the convenience of voice control. In this regard, Smart Speakers offer a double advantage. On the one hand, the end customer can manage their requests at any time by directly addressing the smart speaker. On the other hand, the company guarantees a faster and more immediate service, involving users in a rewarding experience for the benefit of the customer experience.

Through the dedicated skill it is possible to get in touch with the virtual operator of your gym and manage enrollments for courses or a personal file. Or, by providing smart speakers, hotels can make guests’ stay even smarter, giving them, among the various options, the possibility of offering room service without having to pick up the phone. These are just some examples demonstrating the potential of these devices in the user experience. Among the best known Smart Speakers is Amazon Echo Dot, better known by the name of its virtual assistant, Alexa.

Ellysse, always attentive to technological developments in the contact center field, has integrated Alexa as a new access channel to customer care. It is possible to create personalized skills by integrating assistants configured for the customer’s needs into the Smart Speaker. In this way chatbot and voicebot expand their offer: the virtual assistant can no longer be consulted only via the website, Messenger, Telegram or telephone call … to talk to us, just say: “Alexa!”

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